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For those who read this book and are motivated to make a contribution to “Wilmer Glaucoma Research”, they can do so online at At the section in the form “please designate my gift to” click on the “please select” and under the choices, click on “Glaucoma”.

For those who wish to make an appointment for consultation about glaucoma with the Wilmer Glaucoma Center of Excellence doctors, the internet address is: From that site, appointments can be made online or by telephone.

Dr Quigley accepts email questions about glaucoma at

There is an online version of this guide, with links to videos showing a variety of demonstrations, such as examination techniques, how to put in eye drops, and movies of glaucoma surgery. This can be viewed at no charge by going to the Glaucoma Service web page and clicking on the link for Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know.

Other sites with authoritative information on glaucoma include:

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