Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know

A Guide from Dr. Harry Quigley and Dr. Mona Kaleem

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Table of Contents

Tell us about you
What is glaucoma?
What are the types of glaucoma?
How did you get glaucoma?
Will you go blind?
Can glaucoma be cured?
What tests are needed to diagnose glaucoma?
How can you help your family avoid glaucoma damage?
Why isn’t glaucoma either there or not there? - What makes you an open angle suspect?
Why isn’t glaucoma either there or not there? - What makes you an angle closure suspect?
Acute angle closure crisis
Why do people with a "normal" eye pressure still get glaucoma?
What treatments are the right ones? Drops, laser, scissors
What is the target eye pressure?
How to succeed at eye drop treatment: It’s all in your hands
Glaucoma eye drops: choices, choices
Laser glaucoma surgery: iridotomy and angle treatment
Operations for glaucoma
Can the treatments be worse than the disease?
Are there treatments other than lowering eye pressure?
How should you change your life?
What does vision rehabilitation treatment have to offer?
Children and glaucoma
Secondary glaucoma
Who should care for your glaucoma?
Important glaucoma terms

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